Give your printer a rest, digitize
your fact finding documentation.

Stop giving your prospects homework

It’s the 21st Century and the world is now digital. Afterwork saves time for financial professionals by streamlining the fact finding process. Spend less time collecting physical documents, and spend more time developing deeper relationships.

Say goodbye to reading chicken scratches

Save several hours per client by digitizing your fact-finding discovery process. Why waste resources on producing hard copy documentation and unnecessary overhead manually converting these documents to digital.

Afterwork provides a browser-based questionnaire for your customers, which can be conveniently completed on their desktop, tablet, and even mobile devices.

Analyze your pipeline without manual data entry

Review current opportunities within your active pipeline along with other key metrics that make up your client base.

As your practice continues to grow there may be areas of specialization that yield a higher return per customer at a lower cost per acquisition.

Understanding the highs and lows of your earnings

For commission based professionals, tracking the volatility of earnings could prevent financial turmoil while contributing to long-term goals.

When the timing of commissions collected may not be streamlined, knowing that you are reaching your targets could be a major stress reliever.

A tool for the financial professionals

Afterwork provides planning tools for financial professionals as well to ensure they reach their goals throughout their career.

Setting goals has never been easier in the financial industry, professionals can track their commissions to ensure they are generating enough income.

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$59/month per user (14 day free demo)

Each additional broker within your team will pay a reduced rate of $49/month.