Focus on strategy.
Let us handle the paperwork.

For brokers, customer discovery is a 24/7 job, Afterwork digitizes your needs analysis to provide you with more time to close sales and develop deeper relationships.

Empowering financial professionals with tech

Timing is everything; often deals don’t close solely due to unfortunate timing. With our software, your clients will be able to understand the importance of your services and book their next meeting when the timing is right. Thus preventing unnecessary gaps in your sales process to ensure you and your clients are ready for the next meeting.

Afterwork helps streamline back-office operations

We help save brokers several hours per client onboard by digitizing the needs analysis and generate sales presentations that illustrates the strategies implemented.

Innovating the current sales cycle

Initial Meeting
Providing tools for your website and social media that introduce your services ahead of the first meeting
Issue prospects an interactive digital fact-finder equipped with financial literacy tips and tools
Discover existing gaps and opportunities to create strategies that add value to clientele
Disclose findings and make recommendations showing the direct benefits that prove client care
  • Digital Fact Finder

    Issue questionnaires online

  • $59 / month

  • Organize sales pipeline

  • Issue digital questionnaires

  • Commission tax calculator

  • Analyze existing opportunities

  • Connect to 3rd party platforms

  • Summarize close rates

  • Post Sales Presentation

    Coming 2020

  • $225 / month

  • Illustrate strategy in action

  • Additional branding options

  • Forecasting sales probability

  • Content generator

  • Goal setting for brokers

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Enterprise

    Custom solutions

  • Request a quote

  • Multi-seat license

  • Sales manager dashboard

  • Back office audit

  • White-label platform

  • Service pool distribution

  • Customizable strategies