A different kind of lottery

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes” ~ Benjamin Franklin

I promise you after you read this short story, birds will be chirping outside again, the smell of coffee will still be amazing, and you will eventually forget this story. The truth is, I am going to die, you are going to die, and we all will ultimately meet our maker. Breath, I promise it will get better.

Why are we discussing death during a pandemic event?

The reality is, life insurance is one of the least sexist products to sell. How many other products can you name that you spend your entire life paying for but don’t see the direct benefit when it activates? I am not saying you don’t benefit from owning life insurance while paying for it; unfortunately, you have to die for the product to pay out for its intended purpose.

Even before the current pandemic, my thoughts have been with the grim reaper frequently. My father has been in and out of hospital over the past year and a half. With each hospital visit, they tell us that his chances of going home become exponentially lower. Within a short period, I watched my father’s life transform drastically. It took time for me to adjust to this transition.

A few months after my dad’s first trip to the hospital, my ten-year term insurance was up for renewal. A policy I purchased a few years after a near-death experience I endured, a tale of epic proportions, and one to tell in the future. At the time, I was a startup founder, living on a ramen & PBR budget, attempting to pivot from a consumer app to enterprise software. Before meeting my insurance broker, I thought the renewal rate would be astronomical, and that I would end up without life insurance.

Could I afford to renew? Could I afford to exist without life insurance?

I was petrified; I couldn’t even work up the courage to check prices online. I thought about chaotic scenarios of dying at a young age and leaving my wife with final expenses that she couldn’t afford. My insurance broker contacted me to discuss renewals, and I almost fell out of my chair that my rates were still low, and I increased my coverage amount.

I know there are plenty of people out there that are nervous about the current pandemic. While some are pondering the potential extinction of the human race, it might be time to consider which insurance options are available to you. Walk-ins may not be available, but insurance brokers are moving their practices online. Believe me, once you purchase it, you can sleep better at night.

For many individuals, the topic of death will not be on most of our minds as we rise out of the darkness. It is in moments of crisis where we learn lessons that last a lifetime. One day, life will get back to normal, and we will be back to our old habits. Might as well make action items now, so it too can be working in the background tomorrow.

Breathe, tomorrow will be brighter, and we will have a greater appreciation of what we once had. Now we have to be patient and consider protecting what we have today.

Rafael Reis

Product Owner